Are Embroidery department contains a total of 14 heads and can use up to 15 diffrent colors on one design. We do all of are digitising in house for the convenience of are customers. Are Embroidery lady has 8+ years running these machines. So if you want want your Embroidery to look good come see us.


Marc Williams is our General Manager and Sales Manager here at Blueprint Graphics since 2012. He came to Blueprint after working 7 years with the Department of Defense. He is a graduate of Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Marc's energy and passion for our company make him the right man for the job here at Blueprint Graphics.

Screen Printing

We do all kinds of Screen printing here at Blueprint. We have done high density, glitter along with process printing. We never shy away from tring something new here. we are able to print up to 7 colors on one shirt and with process printing the skys the limit with colors. Are Printers work very hard to ensure that all prints look the best they can.


We have a in house art department along with a few outside artist that can handle all your art need. From simple logo to full shirt designs we can do it. All ar shirt designs are mocked up in shirts and sent to you via email for approval.

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